How To Revise When You Can’t Write


As you all should know by now…I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo and have been having a very hard time writing my novella. Today I decided I was going to give up (something I decide quite often with this piece) but before I did I wanted to read blog-posts about it (giving up on your novel).

I used the words novel and novella interchangeably in my search because I feel like the struggles novelist have are the same as the struggles of those writing a novella.

Anyways I decided one of my problems was that the story was sci-fi and I don’t know much about sci-fi…so I decided to write a contemporary instead. The next choice I made was to change the perspective from 3rd person limited to first person past tense.

So far I have written a lot and am not stuck (for now).

I also think it helped to see my inbox full of tweeters liking how I said I wouldn’t give up…and one who told me to keep going!

I’m just going to enjoy enjoying my novella before I can’t stand writing it again. I hope that doesn’t happen…but I’m being very careful with the story. It’s given me too much trouble already.

“Allergic to Algebra”

This video really got me thinking. I just finished reading Wollstonecraft’s, Vindication of the Rights of Women so this video was suitable for today. Also I can agree with 99.9% of what Ms. Overdeck said. I won’t blindly take all her words as true…but I can say it is a very important message that everyone needs to hear.

I enjoy math, and have had victories and challenges with it so this video was also very personal.

Making The Tutu So Chic

When you think of the tutu in fashion you most likely think of babies or toddlers with a strong attitude.

What about something like this….



When I saw this on Pinterest I was stunned. I have been searching the world to find a way to make the tutu a grown up and sophisticated staple and here it is!! I was not looking for this, I was actually trying to find a cover for my Camp NaNoWriMo novella and of course I didn’t find anything that would suit the story.

The story is going it little bit better. I made a character map…instead of a plot outline because my plots are usual super and my characters are usually dull…so hopefully I can drag myself back up to the word-count I need. At the rate I’m going I won’t be done until June 16th…but I am going to write a lot later after I study and take care of some things on my to do list.


Writing & Life & Fennec Foxes!


Look at the adorable little fox!

Oh and here’s another!



I just might be having an emotionally hard time right now struggling with my Camp NaNoWriMo novella and trying to navigate all the things on my to do list. Okay, I am!

But aren’t these little foxes just simply lovely? Umm yes!!!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much…my mind was running an infinite loop as they say in the world of computer programming. I just got frozen up and lost. Sometimes I just sit in front of the computer or my notebook and just get very very angry.

I want the words and ideas to just come but of course they don’t. I suppose it is supposed to be fun but I do need to take a break from the imaginary world of my characters for a while. I think it’s because I’m trying to work on reading a lot that I’m stuck. I should be reading more because it makes me happier and opens my eyes to the nuances of language and expression.

Okay, I feel better now. Have a lovely day everybody!

The Art of NOT Writing


Thinking about this Sid Caeser quote really means a lot to me as an author who is currently at that point where “life” means a lot more then my imaginary worlds.

It is a little bit scary being in the in the middle of writing projects. It feels like I’m in the middle of nowhere. But I’m obviously somewhere.

I’ve made a little goal book to help me more successful in life (because everything fell apart this year).

Before that I put aside my NaNoWriMo project and mentally checked my first novella length story off my list of things I wanted to rewrite.

Now I do still have stories I’m researching for but they will probably be written far into the future—especially because I don’t plan on doing any heavy duty research right now.

Wait a second! Why did I just say that? I am doing heavy duty research on the Renaissance right now!

Okay, I see the need to explain. So last summer I started writing a fantasy story set during a fictionalized version of the Renaissance. The only problem was that aside from studying a little about that era in a history class and listening to music from that era in a music appreciation class—I knew very little about the Renaissance.

I didn’t want to read The Prince by Machiavelli. That’s saying something! Because I should read that book instead of just keeping it in my closet.

Oh yeah and the architectural history class that taught me about Renaissance architecture. It all wasn’t enough. So I decided that I needed to learn more about the system. I needed to learn about Popes and Dukes and States and Cities…

I decided to download some light reading for my Kindle called Beatrice d’Este Duchess of Milan. I decided to make an adorable Pinterest storyboard and post the first part of the novel on Figment.

I decided all these things because I was going to write a novel. I forgot that I am the type of person who cannot write and research at the same time. Therefor I’m still researching and almost forgot that this had started with a writing project. I go a little overboard when I research.

Once I had a Nerf swordfight with my brother so I could better relate to a character (in a short story a friend and I were writing) that included a battle scene with a unicorn.


Yeah, I go overboard with research.

Maybe that’s an indication as to why I need to really live in between projects and just let my brain clear out and just go exploring ideas and perspectives?


Now, time for a correction—not writing does not mean not writing. I am still blogging. I am still leaving comments everywhere I go. I am still emailing and texting and writing reviews and tweets and reflections. I’m just not working on a story.

But—I have a goal for this year. Actually I have loads of goals that include studying for Calculus and being better with relationships and learning to play the piano after like over 19 years of not being able to…the goal I’m referring to is the goal of completing a debut novel.

I am also going to write a novella to practice finding my writer’s voice. I’m supposed to be thinking up the theme for the story right now. Hmmm….what do I really want to write?

It’s a goal I set for myself last year (writing a debut novel). I ended up writing two stories, neither of which was very good. The fantasy one had this super high learning curve and was way too short… and the fairy tale retelling lacked voice and sort of fizzled out after 145 pages. It was my story it was just hard to immerse myself into it.

But the major problem was that both stories lacked the feelings I was trying to get across. Tjhey were just bone and no flesh at all!

I also wrote the beginnings of loads of stories and completed 2 books of poetry. Remember, Angels Here? I might rework Angels Here this year. But I’m trying to focus more on finding my voice as a writer and less on pulling my hair out over old drafts.

You can check out an old poem I posted on Figment the other day. It’s called, “Siren”, and is about a Siren who falls in love with a man and has to decide to stop singing forever so she won’t kill him. I had sent it in in hopes of it getting published in a fairy tale magazine—but I got a polite rejection letter saying there wasn’t enough time to read over my poem or something like that. I had sent it in on the deadline.

Anyways here it is. Check it out while it’s still online. I tend to delete my writing a lot.Image

By the way I have been watching Brandon Sanderson–could you tell? I also have been gobbling up stories because writing drains your brain. At least it drains mine.

Education In Finland and Why I’m Interested

This is part one of four in the documentary, The Finland Phenomenon, that I watched yesterday on YouTube.

I have been interested in education in Finland for a while now…especially when I found them ranked number one in the world for various reasons.

I like the learning style with a lot of student involvement. I actually had a few classes like that here in the States and they were very fun and helped me learn a lot (making me a more well rounded person).

I plan on doing more research on Finland because I think their country can be used as an example.

I am also reading Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft. I won’t pretend it’s an easy read. But I did like how the last chapter I read (chapter 5) really tied into what I watched on Finland.

Here is one quote:

“after laying precept upon precept, without allowing a child to acquire judgement itself, parents expect them to act in the same manner by this borrowed fallacious light, as if they had illuminated it themselves; and be, when they enter life, what their parents are at the close.”

I can really identify with this quote and think it sheds light on the American experience, although I’m not certain it does. I feel like a lot of parents and teachers expect this generation to be a lot more mature then they are simply because we live in the information/technology age and *know a lot*.

The truth is having a brain full of facts (true or false) doesn’t make you more mature. In part you need to know how to think for yourself. A majority of people still have a crowd mentality…they just do what others are doing, and even if they break away from their parents leanings they still are just jumping on the bandwagon of their peers or a social group they identify with.

I’m not again community. I love community. The thing is, people need to learn how to think for themselves and question things more. Yes, trust and faith are good, but education can not be built on simply trust of already proven principles.

That’s just some of my thoughts on the matter for today. Have a great one!

“There Is nothing to fear but…

…fear itself”


~Hermione Granger



When I think of that quote I think it has way too much power over me. Because fear isn’t something we should fear. It sounds clever but that’s the problem with Harry Potter (says me, an ex-fanatic of anything Potter). the problem is it sounds cleverer then it really is and you feel you must follow it like words of wisdom.

the truth is panic and anxiety and being terrified are not things I should fear. God is far greater then all that and I would rather fear him. Fearing God isn’t scary because God isn’t scary and if I were to think he was scary) then there would be something wrong with my thinking.

I for one have experienced true panic. It’s when you are faced with something evil or hopeless…or a feeling of having no place of safety. That type of fear isn’t like my respect for God and his order of the universe. It isn’t like the circle of life or inner peace or anything….that type of fear is just bad and I REFUSE to fear fear.

I know what Hermione meant…it was almost like she was saying fear itself was dangerous. But it isn’t. Fear isn’t dangerous–just use logic. the thing that’s dangerous is giving in to the troubles around you.

Right now I’m up late typing on the computer and I’m really concerned about the people closest to me. The issues range from: heartbreak to burglary to helpless confusion and not knowing yourself . I can’t fix everyone’s’ problems–I can’t even fix my own but I do know that this isn’t a scary story. All those problems are small compared to love.

Love is greater then the fear of the dark…the fear of chaos and pain that so often blocks out all sensibility.

I know simply typing this won’t erase all the problems but it does help confront them. By refusing to be defeated by a pseudo-omnipotent–enemy I am not only putting myself in safety but I am at an advantage. It’s like I am standing in a lighthouse and looking out to sea. I can see from up here and I can be a guiding light.

May you all have a beautiful day and remember love is greater then chaos.