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So Excited!

There are updates I must tell you now. I’m at 49k in last year’s NaNo project. That means I just have to write the ending and I’m done! Then I can turn my attention to getting ready for this year’s book which is going to be the exact opposite of a fairy-tale retelling…it’s going to be a contemporary book set in contemporary times.

I’m feeling so much like a little kid right now.

Also my co-author and I have been waiting for our edits and they came in! I’m so excited I can barely breathe.

But first let me say, the idea of making Cinderella into a story with dragons in it was just an idea I had and it grew and grew until it got to this point. I can not believe I was able to put so much into it. I know it’s not great writing. But it’s more then I’ve ever written in my entire life.

marcelle and the dragon

I won’t talk much about it now. I’ll share a video that kept me going through the toughest part of my MS.

I cried after watching this. The song “Impossible” had been stuck in my head all morning, so that’s why I decided to watch the video and later that evening I sung it as a watered the garden. It just reminded me how to dream. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that. It’s easy to forget the power of dreaming and having faith in something nobody else may believe in. In a way that’s woven into my story, but it’s mostly become my motto as a writer.

I want to write some more short stories soon, so keep your eyes open for those. I did post some on Wattpad.

I am going to go check out my edits now. I’m so excited. You guys are in for a treat. One of the serial novels I’m co-authoring will be up on Figment and Wattpad soon.

I guess I should also get breakfast.

Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo: Advice Part 5

It’s week 5 of October….time to find writing buddies.

all write tshirt

There are so many places to connect with other writers. Comment down below or search on other blogs. Search Figment or Wattpad. Look on YouTube. Check out the forums on the Nano website.

Here’s some other tips.

  • Think positive. Don’t worry about November…worrying won’t help you. Focus on success stories and pray or seek encouragement from friends. When you are in the trenches writing for your life you will have your faith in your writing abilities to fall back on.
  • Find a space/time for writing. Routine often helps. It’s great to find or carve out a space before NaNo even stars so you won’t be in panic mode midnight November 1st. Check out YA author, Susan Dennard’s advice on routine. I enjoy going to her blog as often as I can and reading writing tips.
  • Make your announcements. Writing a novel is like moving, getting married, having a baby, starting a new career….you can’t not announce it (unless that will completely stomp out your creativity). But I advise you at least announce it on my blog. This will help you with accountability. You have said you are going to write a novel and the world is watching you. It’s what NaNoWriMo is all about. Your stats are out in the open…your word count is pictured on a graph. It’s the perfect time to start working on your book…and complete it!

Can you guys believe it’s next week! National Novel Writing Month 2014 is next week! Wow!

I have huge goals this year. I want to have a novel I can send to publishers, it was one of my New Years’ Resolutions. I’ve been writing and reading all year. I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket but this novel is definitely worth a lot to me.

I’ll see you in November.

Are You Scared Yet?

So lately I have been having a hard time getting along with people. My sister keeps saying she hates me, an old classmate keeps texting and emailing me for *HELP* on an essay, my Mom is wanting me to look up the prices of something, and so on and so on.

I feel like all I want to do is write or study math or French or Hebrew or Russian…I’ve been reading a lot. I did update some things and add some things on Wattpad and Figment….I’m just tired!

I know I have nothing to fear. Maybe some people think not having a job is scary. I’m fine. I have a home and I have talent.

Maybe some people think not having time to relax is scary…I’ll overcome that!

I’m not afraid this October. I don’t celebrate Halloween, I don’t fret over small things, and I keep myself busy doing what I love.

peace is

Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo: Advice Part 3

It’s the third week in October and I’m back to share more tips to help you get ready for NaNoWriMo. Whether this is your first time or you are a seasoned pro, I  think you will find at least one piece of advice that will help make next month easier.

This time the advice will probably shock you. I’m here to tell you: be a coach potato.


I’ll let you take 5 deep breaths and walk around for a bit before you go back to your screen. Are you calm now? Great!

So the reason I said that is because TV is actually a great way to get ideas. Besides Suzanne Collins’ big aha Hunger Games moment….average people like you and me (unless you are reading this Collins) can also get ideas from flipping through the channels.

Being an author can get tiring, you deserve some TV time.

Watch movies too and take notes about life as well. For fun write down the plot of a television show. I sat in front of the TV and wrote down the plot of an episode of Dog With A Blog (a show that really annoys me). Take notes on character development and work on your wordpainting. Describe scenes with as much detail (sounds, smells,taste,sight) as you can or go outside and describe the park, using your real senses…you can even describe your living room!

I will hopefully see you soon with more advice. If you’ve tried any of my tips and tricks let me know in the comments below how they have helped.

Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo: Advice Part 2

Writing 2start

Hello again! Time for some more NaNo prep. Check out the website for more cool information.

  • Stay organized. This is the perfect time to do Tai Chi every morning and actual use your planer. Learning to get into a routine and keep organized will be helpful when you need to fit 1,667 words per day into your schedule.
  • Try new things and stay active. Not only will this help inspire you as a writer, it will also help keep you from falling apart in the middle of the competition. Remind yourself to make time for family and friends. Don’t be afraid to take that dance class or to bake that new recipe. This is the perfect time to get your airplane license!
  • Encourage other writers. Go wild with your edits, reviews, or conversations about writing. It’s sometimes very lonely business being a writer. Encouragement is often like money. It’s what we don’t expect but thrive off of when it comes. Okay maybe that’s a silly analogy, but hopefully you get the point. Take time to shift your focus off yourself as a writer and celebrate other authors.
  • Check out the genre competition. Maybe your book will be published in a year or two after November and loads of edits. So look at what other science fiction authors are doing, what is the trend and how can your book change the landscape? This is also the time to look at publishers’ websites, author’s blogs and interviews, reviews of books in your genre, agents who except your genre, and what’s new in bookstores. Also look at the greats of your genre. Find classics such as Frankenstein, and compare yourself to Shelley shamelessly.

I will see you soon with more tips. I hope this is helping. If you have any more tips and tricks share them in the comments below.

Watch Me Write!

So,recently my writing friend, Samantha, tagged me again.

Here you can see screenshots of me reaching 1k in 40 minutes! I did a happy dance after that.

Just click on the pictures to read samples of my work. It’s a rough draft so the wording is blissfully awkward.

My Cinderella retelling (last year’s NaNo project) is now at 45k! I’m so close to 50k I can taste it.





As usual I was listening to my favorite Scottish station,Thistle radio.

I’ve changed the tag around a bit. I didn’t want to bother figuring out how to do a video. I have felt so low on energy lately and simply writing about writing is tiring. Not to ruin the fun, I did enjoy adding more to my novel and I’m so excited to complete it so I can devote more time to other projects. I don’t think I’ve had more fun writing then yesterday. I felt like I’d won a marathon or something.

Yes, the story is not really done, but the word count nearly is. Once I get to 50k this story will be set aside and I get to pull out the big projects. I’M SO EXCITED!

Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo: Advice Part 1

man writing

It’s the second week of October and I’m finally able to get onto a computer and share some advice for NaNoWriMo 2014 with you! I’ve been itching to do this. Here are a few things you can start doing to flex your writing muscles.

  • Read as much as you can obsessively.  Create a TBR jar, ask for recommendations, browse magazines at the local drugstore, slip books of the shelves in the library, scan the back of the cereal box, and read novels.
  • Scout blogs and YouTube for advice. There are many people who are sharing advice on how to get through NaNo (the nickname for the event…see I shared advice) and also people who are sharing their experiences from previous years. This will help make things less foreign to you. It was because of my writing friends on Figment that I wanted to try last year.
  • Pick your genre. This can always be changed. I picked contemporary by looking at my old Amazon reviews and seeing which types of books I had enjoyed and read the most of.
  • Look over your old completed writings (in private). I made the mistake of letting my dirty laundry out and was criticized for having sloppy and unprofessional writing. If you want to get teary eyed over a rubbishy manuscript do it by yourself so you can focus on the pros and cons of your writing. If you don’t have an old MS (nickname for manuscript), then look over old essays or short stories or emails. What do you tend to write and finish? What do you enjoy writing?
  • Review soundtracks and music in general. This is because you’ll probably want to write to music and even if you don’t, thinking about music and what you do and don’t like about it…in detailed sentences is great practice for the challenge of spewing out words every day. Becoming more familiar with my music tastes is very important because I need a writing soundtrack–NEED.

I hope to see you doing National Novel Writing Month this year. I try to post more advice throughout October to help you prepare. Think of me as your coach.


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